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Thread: dungeons and what gear you wear .pve-pvp

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    Default dungeons and what gear you wear .pve-pvp

    Whats the deal rift ? I see poeple in dungeons wearing ALL PVP gear and out dpsing people with 300 hit/focus ect . So is it we should just d/e our reg dungeon gear and all just wear pvp gear?

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    Well Experts only require 100 Hit/Focus which you can get from 2 pieces of good PvE gear, or from runes which most serious PvPers would use.

    Sure, if your PvP gear is better than your dungeon gear then you can runebreak it, but these people you're referring too are probably full R8 and have HK level stats and entry level PvP gear is no better than entry level PvE gear.

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    /shrug I easily out dps people wearing PVP gear by the thousands.
    My PVE gear is superior! ;D

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    HK level gear has 50 hit a piece now (100 for 2-handers) so you need one or two PVE pieces at the most to do experts. Same for tank gear, I can meet expert toughness requirements with like two items, use DPS gear everywhere else, and out-DPS everyone else while tanking. (Actually, for rogues, this works better than using proper tank gear due to the crap itemisation and stat weightings, but that's another issue entirely...)

    Hit and toughness are stats which are basically capped - once you meet the requirements for that tier of content, adding more does nothing past a certain point. You don't hit harder with 350 hit compared to 150, so when you outgear the content to such a ridiculous extent PVP gear has fewer wasted stats.

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