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Thread: General raid help

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    Default General raid help

    so basically just got to 36 on my second toon on rift, which is a tank. Lovin it cuz i normally play dps, rogue and im loving that i have no idea what to do with all this health and armor from my warrior tank .

    But im looking to start getting into raiding and such and im absolutely lost as to how to get started.
    basically my questions are
    when can i start raiding, what are the differant types of raids, and how do you start them.
    thanks to anyone who reads

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    You will need to be level 50 with a full set of gear gained from expert dungeons before you can start doing raids. There are currently 6 raids in-game. I've outlined the tiers below, you need basically a full set of gear from each tier before you can move on to the next one.

    ----Reach Level 50----

    Abyssal Precipice
    Charmer's Caldera
    Caduceus Rise

    There are 12 of these, too lazy to type them all out. :P

    TIER 1:
    Gilded Prophecy (10-man)
    Drowned Halls (10-man)
    Greenscale's Blight (20-man)
    River of Souls (20-man)

    TIER 2:
    Rise of the Phoenix (10-man)
    Hammerknell (20-man)
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    In theory you can raid as long as you get 19 other people with you to do something. Thatsa raid.

    Raid propers start at 50 in the form of Rift raids, and instance raiding. Usually you get into a guild and once geared enough go on a raid with them. There's different levels of stat requirements for the different raids.

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    Plan on getting all your T2 tank gear by running experts a lot. I'm not sure how to get toughness as you get level 50 anymore with all the changes they did.

    It's a good idea to get your dps gear and do some pickup raids to get tank gear. Having undergeared tanks on raids is not fun at all. Do the fights a lot paying close attention to what the tank(s) are doing, and maybe even ask them if you're not sure. Most will tell you how to do the fights if you ask afterwards and are polite about it.
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    wurrd thnks ever1, pretty much summed up everything i didnt know

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