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Thread: Need Dungeons Lockouts improvements

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    Default Need Dungeons Lockouts improvements

    OK where to begin. My only problem in Pug dungeons is that we all wait for dungeon like the boss in Deep-strike Mines, Dichrom that pops a healing item that all pvp love to have. Basically the group was doing good and didn't even need support. my character was kicked from the Pug for asking the group to slow down. i know there a lot of good and bad people on-line. i guess the problem i having is waiting for dungeons each day and when i kick after the first boss i get lockout. and just like anyone else that get kick we get lockout before we can finish the dungeon for full credit.

    My question is for Rift Team, is there a way that we don't have penalty like lockout if the character is not Needed or get kick out of the group before completing the dungeon. there are a lot of Over powering friendly that can frustrate people that needs the gear from the dungeons. good job on the 1.7 Patch. you get a A++ in my book

    yours turely Mr. Cool guy

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    Always bad to see this happening. I agree with you on the lockout beeing lifter if you get kicked out.

    A funny comment I heard on one PUG dungeon. Tank was running forward like a maniac, and healer was saying few times that wait a bit as he needs to get mis mana up. Tank did not react, so the next comment was: "Not a big fan of getting healed, are you?"

    Really cracked me up...
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    I dunno, I usually stand in the middle of the pond screaming 1v1 me noobs.

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    As you have this written, I can see it being exploited. If a guild group wants to get their healers SHoE, for example, they could run them through DSM, kill the boss, then if the trinket doesn't drop, kick them out of the group and their lockout would be reset, then that person could requeue for the same dungeon.

    The best solution and one that has been proposed many times is to switch the lockouts to a "per boss" bases as opposed to the "Raid ID" basis that it is now. So if one day I go into a raid with a bunch of people and we get down the first 2 bosses, if I come back the next day, I can go in with a different set of guys and start with the 3rd boss.

    This would solve so many issues, but in your case, if a group kicked you after boss 1, you could still go back in and clear everything after boss 2. Granted, with you being locked to boss 1, you probably wouldn't be allowed to queue for the dungeon and would have to form a separate group and walk in manually.

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