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Thread: Previous T1 Dungeons

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    Default Previous T1 Dungeons

    So i figured i would hit up a couple of the dungeons that were previously t1 level to check out the changes in difficulty and see the new loot tables. According to the patch notes these dungeons were supposed to have new loot tables and have an increased level of difficulty comparable to previous t2 dungeons. From my experience this is not the case at all. For example i just qued for IT as healer. The tank was severely undergeared and practically a fresh 50 and i had no problems keeping him topped off throughout the run. It seemed to me that the mobs were not doing more damage but were in fact doing even less damage than in a t1. The mechanics did not change and actually appeared easier for the newer players to grasp. For example on Bonelord Fetlorn, from my experience newer players have issues LOSing at the appropriate moments but here everything went smoothly. The loot that dropped appeared to be the same loot from the t1 version including t1 stats. Am i missing something here?

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    I did ITx as well and i didn't feel much harder than previous T1 version. Loot what we got from the run had same names than their T1 versions, but their stats were boosted to T2 level. So at least loot got boosted. Looking forward for doing T2 version of KBx

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