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Thread: Solo dungeons, for the well geared?

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    Default Solo dungeons, for the well geared?

    Ok, a solo possible dungeon, but for a well geared character only? Will a complete set of HK gear be required? What classes could do this baby? Speculation is welcomed.
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    I've tested the Chronicles solo. They are very easy with elite mobs around 12k health and bosses at 25-36k health. If you have any specs that can dps while healing, you will have no problems soloing these. NPCs help along the way and these are really just like soft-hitting (300ish) elites you would find in Stillmoor.

    As far as the gear you need? Probably T2+ will easily make these soloable. It really all just comes down to the spec you are playing and how you are as a player. I solo'd these as a rogue. It's very doable in a spec that gives healing, such as the BD/RS/AS spec or it's varients.

    Chronicles are really not hard and only there to help you 1) get AA XP pretty easily and 2) help you with gear/money. I guess a distant 3) give your girl something to herp derp on with you so they don't lose interest in the craptastic crafting system of the game.

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    When I tested, I wore raid gear cuz that's what I have on live. I did take some potions, and of course used a solo-friendlyish build.

    It *seems* like if you're T2/raid-rift kind of stuff you should be fine. I guess the question is, can you solo elites? If not, you may have some soul-repair...

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    I've tested chronicles. Mages > Clerics > Rogues > Warriors in soloing them, I

    n duoing it was

    Rogue > Cleric > Warrior/mage

    Your gonna want a duo partner if your not fully t3/relic geared.
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