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Thread: random dungeon very much not

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    Default random dungeon very much not

    what is it with the LFG tool, i dont get it

    i must spend 80% of my time in T2 in DD and RD
    now i understand some poeple queue for X or Y, but really ? does everyone lust after these 2 instances?

    take today for example:
    log in warrior
    random queue.. DD!
    finish it, queue again.. DD!

    go out for an hour

    come back, queue.. DD!
    rage quit.. relog healer
    queue.. DD!

    and ok today has been particularly bad, but its often like this, is there any trick to not getting the same bloody instance time and again, or do i just have to queue for "everything apart from.." and get no extra plaques etc ? :/

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    Personally, I get DSM almost every time, and its been at least a month since I've done RD.... for real, I almost forgot RD was a T2 expert. I'd be happy if they'd just add a thing that would make it so I don't get the same damn instance back to back. I hate those damn DSM lasers.

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    DD has the necklace and the new bow, both are BiS pre-raid

    RD has a slew of epic quests related to it, BiS pre-raid (non-crafted) 2Hers and a few trinkets.

    So yeah, a ton of people queue these - and its often people that are undergeared thus making the dungeons alot worse than they should be (particularly DD), also AP (for the new melee weapons, the trinket and the hatchet)

    Its *VERY* rare to queue as a DPS and not end up in one of those three dungeons, its really crappy, I wish they'd either prevent you from getting locked dungeons once you are locked to them unless X time has passed or just remove the locks so the people can farm their items and the random queue just becomes a bit more random. The locks are really outdated, and most older players bypassed the hassle of waiting via queuing w/o any requeue timer.

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    Here's what I noticed from my q'ing (and maybe I'm giving Trion too much credit for their q system).

    I believe that DD and RD are on the entry level of the q system. Based upon all my experience, the groups that I get into those dungeons are generally poorly geared. That is why you see those come up a lot because you are getting a lot of the noobs. It might also be based upon your gear.

    When I get matched with a solid group, i.e. ppl who are pulling 700+ single target dps, I'm almost always iin CC, sometimes DSM. The mismatched groups are usually in AP. I think if it didn't work this way and it was truly random, then noobs would be dropped into CC and have to stop the instance at Jultharion because they couldn't beat his timer.

    TLDR. I'm guessing that upon q'ing, the system does some sort of gear check and matches you up with the proper dungeon based upon the lowest common denominator.
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