My guild has recently discovered a little trick to the Gatekeeper Kaleida fight in DSM. Normally one of the more annoying fights it becomes quite easy if youre lucky enough.

Normally during his Earth phase you dps the crystals down, but we discovered that the Earth crystals actually have a range on them. The idea is to tank him basically on his starting position, then when the Earth phase comes the melee run to the entrance to the cave next to the light wall (unless your melee are confident they can get to the back if they see the crystal is coming for them), the tank obviously stays where he is. ranged can stay on the boss but they should move tight up against the wall when the crystals come. If youre lucky enough that the tank didnt get crystals on them you can completely ignore the crystals altogether.

I know as you gain better gear this fight becomes trivial, but for people just starting out this could be very useful. It might even help even better for the upcoming Master dungeons Didn't really see anyone using this method before, so I had no idea if its been previously discovered. If not full credit goes to Innate of Byriel Enjoy!