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Thread: Is hammerknell too hard?

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    Default Is hammerknell too hard?

    Simple answer, No.

    Hammerknell is harder from GSB and ROS, however, Trion has always claimed that GSB/ROS were the introduction to raiding in Rift and that later tiers of content would be harder. Hammerknell is a later tier and thus harder. Now is it overly hard? No. The bosses take time and effort to kill. Besides maybe Murdantix, you cant walk in there and start killing bosses. They take time and coordination from the raiding group to learn and eventually kill. Now i can only speak for the first 5 bosses our raid has gone after (RKM and Estrode included). These fights are not overly hard. Murdantix, Matron, and Zilas's learning curve are all slightly harder than the learning curve of say Lord Greenscale. However, once you kill them and actually understand what is needed to kill them, they become quite simple and we now 1 shot them weekly (maybe a two shot on Zilas if there is bad RNG). Rune King is quite a bit harder than the first three. I know some guilds still havent downed him yet they have downed Sicaron. RKM is a pretty challenging fight and will test raiders. One mistake (much like Sicaron) and its game over. It can be very frustrating but it is not overly hard. (i would like to point out that i do not like this fight. i dont think it was well done and it feels a bit over the top with mechanics just thrown in). Estrode is not hard. She will be a slight challenge at first, but this fight is as hard as you make it for yourselves.

    I hope Darktide and Akylios are hard fights as they should be, but the question of is Hammerknell to hard is stupid because it is not. If you are able to kill Alsbeth/Herald in ROS you CAN down Murdantix, maybe even Zilas and Matron too.
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    A provocative thread, and I look forward to the flames.

    From the fights which I have seen (admittedly only a few). They're not too hard for a competent raider to learn. Sadly, keeping competent raiders is harder than ever these days. The recruitment forums may tell you a bit about what guild turnovers are like for a lot of people.
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