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Thread: 10 minutes LFG BUG!!!

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    Default 10 minutes LFG BUG!!!

    After you join a dungeon via Looking for Group tool you will get a 10 minute debuff.
    This 10 minute debuff prevents you from queueing for another dungeon or vote kicking someone.

    Problem is people do not leave groups because of the 30min LFG debuff. They rather AFK 10min (and make other players experience bad), then ask for Vote Kick! Based on which role does this is also very important. If a healer or a tank does this, there is nothing to do but AFK 10min.
    Why does this happen?
    • Players queue random dungeon. They enter the dungeon they do not want. They do not leave, they AFK 10min for us to kick him.
    • Players queue for dungeon. They enter the dungeon, then they need to go afk for 15-20min. They do not want the debuff so they AFK 10min so we can kick him.
    • Griefing is rare.

    I have contacted Trion via "sumbit a ticket" system.

    Quote Originally Posted by Me
    We are having a problem with one of the players.
    Violater joined Looking for Dungeon tool, accepted then said he wont do the dungeon. He also doesn't want to leave. He is a griefer.
    Please do something about it.
    We also can't kick him because of the 10min rule.
    Quote Originally Posted by Trion
    Hello Jaka,

    Thank you for contacting us regarding RIFT.

    We apologize for any hardships this player may have caused you, however please be aware that group can still vote kick a group member any time during this 10 min timer. The 10 minute debuff is meant to prevent players who leave or are vote kicked, from entering another LFG with this specific reason in mind vrs players who wish to grief groups.

    We will be more then happy to continue our investigations is you would like to respond back to this ticket with the name of the player you wish to report and what shard they are from.

    If you have any additional questions or concerns, please don't hesitate to let us know. Thank you for your continued support of Trion Worlds and for playing RIFT.

    Your reference number for this ticket is 110831-000145.


    GM Kawgard
    Game Master
    Trion Worlds Inc.
    I have already BUG reported this problem. It needs to be fixed immediatly.

    Note #1: This is happening a lot in level from 20 to 50, as in expert dungeons. Saying find a proper guild would be silly. I am not aware of any guild that would run a lot of leveling dungeons.

    Note #2: It's obvious that Trion thinks this is not bugged. We need more players to tell that this is bugged.

    Note #3: I am aware there was a thread about this already.

    PS: Please tell if this happened to anyone alse. It has happened around 5 times to me already. It is really frustrating.

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    All I know is everyone who isn't happy with their group will either go afk for 10 mins, or just log off. I personally use the log off trick when I get bad T2 groups. If the 3 DPS combined can't pull 800dps and it's going really slow, I usually just port out, log off and come back in a few mins. I'm not in the group anymore and I can queue again and get another instant queue.

    People who wait 10mins and tell you to kick them are NOOBS! Just tell them to log off and it will let you kick them. It's as easy as that. I kind of hope they don't fix it. I rather enjoy being able to get out of a terrible group with no repercussions.
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