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Thread: Purely Bonkers The Hand Book For A Fun Run With Out The Fuss

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    Default Purely Bonkers The Hand Book For A Fun Run With Out The Fuss

    Chapter 1 DPS

    1. If you don't know what something is leave it alone.
    2. If you don't know how a boss works and no one explains it it is smart to hold back don't worry about your dps focus more on whats going on around you. Remember a dead dps = 0 dps
    3. When fighting a dragon do not stand in front of it this will cause you to get yaked on (breath weapon like breathing fire and stuff) or behind it causing you to get sat on (getting smacked around by it's tail) but dps in melee range from the back legs
    4. When in doubt stand BEHIND the boss / mob
    5. If your standing in something that does NOT look like a bubble your gonna die
    6. Don't piss off your healer or tank because dps your dime a dozen so very easy to replace tanks and healers are not
    8. Kiting mobs around is a great way to get kicked from the group or wait for a new tank
    9. If you are asked to do something don't complain or argue about it either just do it or ask politely why so you can understand.
    10. You follow the tank in a run so if the tank tells you to do something it's a good idea to do it because they have probably set something up in their head to pull a hard mob or something.
    11. Pissing off the healer is a great way to allow yourself to die
    12. Be nice and respectful to the group and understand that both the tank's and the healer's job can be very frustrating from all the massive idiots who do not know these fundamentals
    13. Put away your tank pets doesn't matter if you turn off the taunt or not it will just make things easier
    14. knock back abilities like cross fire really aggrovate tanks and make their job a huge pain so for the sake of finishing the run just don't use them.

    Chapter 2 Tanks
    1. If you pull and your healer has no mana the DPS will laugh at you
    2. A helpful Tip is to set focus on your healer so you can gauge their mana pool with out having to target them in raid frames.
    3. Studies show painting 3 red circles inside each other is a bad idea
    4. Remember that not everyone knows what they are doing so be nice to them or they will make your job even more frustrating
    5. At the start of the run ask the Healer if the support should dps or support and allow them to check your gear out /flex
    6. If the DPS pull a mob try to pick it up accident or not the repair bill isn't worth it

    Chapter 3 Healing
    1. Remember HoTs get aggro too when the tank run's into the mob to pick them up
    2. Whisper your tank and let them know how they are doing be honest but don't be a jerk if it's not so great try to give them tips or things you notice.
    3. When in doubt blame the rogue...... jerks camping you in warfronts deserve to pay :P

    Chapter 4 Support
    Sub Chapter 1 Bard
    1. Remember Motifs are a pain but everyone loves you for them
    2. Remember if you split the group up have the mages and clerics in 1 spot you can give them the wis intel buff while you go out of line of sight with the rogues and warriors and give them the str and dex buff.
    3. When In Doubt Fervor

    Sub Chapter 2 Archon
    1. 1 Button Macro's are your friend
    2. The attack / cast speed buff are AWESOME on bosses your all like f you green scale then you kick him in the face and fart up his nose

    Sub Chapter 3 what ever cleric support is
    Don't know much Ill fill this in later
    Sub Chapter 4 Warrior and why you shouldn't support
    I will find the answer to this and much much more on this episode of center square

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    I heard inside jokes are funny.

    4/10 for effort.
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