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Thread: lfd tool - what's the deal?

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    Default lfd tool - what's the deal?

    I join /lfd - I sit in queue FOREVER... finally the group finds all members....

    then, it times out, someone either fell asleep or lost interest .. someone doesn't accept (a DPS), so I rejoin the queue "in the front of the line"

    a few more minutes go by, maybe 2, maybe 60- the group finds another full set of members, AGAIN, a dps rejects or doesn't join.. back to the "front" of the queue... 25 more minutes.

    I suppose the problem is, why are the tanks and healers all being stolen when a DPS doesn't accept, if I'm a dps and I 'join' the group, why am I punished and plopped back into a 45 minute wait... I know dps players aren't that rare, most zones are usually "looking for tank XYZ" ...
    /waiting for SWTOR

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    people still run dungeons?

    its probably because your only queing as dps. every calling can que as 2 more things and above, l2adapt.

    I hate tanking dungeons..but somehow I always end up being the tank at the end cause someone left (unless its a friend/guild run)

    So...its you.
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    Most everyone who complains about the LFD tool complains because they aren't playing all their roles and doesn't stop to think that all the OTHER nubs are doing the same.

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