they make sense. last boss is very easy now for experienced raiders, but I apreciate that the changes took all the random BS out of the encounter.

One of the reason I quit EQ2 was because they couldnt design challenging encounters that didnt involve random crap where there was no possible way to win..

its very challenging to design encounters that are difficult, yet winnable every time. But thats why we pay you money every month. to come up with a way to do that.

that said. hes probably a bit too easy now. maybe tweak other stuff.

so WIN: taking out random unwinable scenarios.
lose: needs to be a little more challinging to compensate.

to explain. sometimes final phase boss would be chain casting non stop. other times he wouldnt.
sometimes he would port places that were doable but unreasonable given the stage of the fight.

now tweak finak HK boss. killed it 4 times now. and id say out of all those pulls half of them were far more buggy/unwinnable than anything in GP ever was. and I beat GP pre- any nerfs.