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Thread: Exploit! Earth Burst Snare affects HK BOSSES

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    Default Exploit! Earth Burst Snare affects HK BOSSES

    Hey Guys just to let you know, the warrior riftblade skill is not affected by DR/Immune and thus can work on bosses! Bosses like er..murdantix and gurgonim and AKYLIOS and GREENSCALE and er... stuff yeah! Thus trivializing mobile fights! Oh Yeah!

    Trion please fix for PvP! Er... I mean PvE! Yeah!


    (PvP'ers attempt to fix a PvP bug through PvE.. sigh)
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    they are aware, it was reported weeks ago
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    Nothing new here, we reported this a while ago as well. The only fight it would really matter for currently is Inquisitor but it doesn't break the encounter by any stretch of the imagination. As long as you can maintain roughly 18k* raid dps on Garau then you won't hit enrage. Our dps is there even allocating people to burn the porters and I'm sure the guilds ahead of us on RiftRanks are in the same boat, you simply can't get to Garau if you DPS isn't that high.

    *Note that this is just the dps on Garau and doesn't factor in the damage done to the adds.

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    Yeah it's a known issue, probably related to Earth Burst's damage not being applied correctly in PVP. When that was fixed they probably did it in a way by changing the effect's type so it didn't clash with DR. Unfortunately this had knock on that bosses were no longer immune to it. This doesn't just affect HK, so if you were smart and had 1-2 sabodancers you could kite every single boss in GSB/ROS right now and skimp on tanks ><
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