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Thread: Ach: "Wave Goodbye" bugged?

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    Default Ach: "Wave Goodbye" bugged?

    Hello. The other day I ran Drowned Halls and we were going for achievements. When we got to Isskal, our goal was to earn http://rift.zam.com/en/achievement/400011/Wave-Goodbye

    Glacial Wave is the aoe he does on the ground and you have to move out of it. Upon successfully completing the fight and no one getting hit by it, we did not earn the achievement. I checked ACT to determine who may have been hit (pets included). However, the results were a bit strange. ACT showed Isskal himself being hit by glacial wave numerous times during the fight, for 5k damage each tick, and no raid members being hit by it.

    I'm wondering if this achievement is currently bugged, and if anyone has experienced similar results?

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    He joined public group.

    Nah, this is pretty weird though. Did you submit a ticket?

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