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Thread: Two cleric healers, a bard and a chloro walk into a T1

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    Default Two cleric healers, a bard and a chloro walk into a T1

    I was queuing up for T1s on my warrior tank today and I got into this group with two cleric healers (one was 51 puri, he was doing that move that channels the bubble and heals) and the other was a high point sentinel, a bard who was 51 point bard, and a 51 point chloro. There were two bosses down in this Realm of the Fae run. I got in and no one said a thing. It was totally silent the entire time.

    So I start to notice something was wrong, when I pulled a single trash mob and it took for what seemed like forever. I open up ACT and /combatlog and pull again. I was doing the most amount of dps on an aoe trash pull. The two clerics had 0, the bard and chloro were pulling 190ish. I started laughing and just went with it. I thought they were playing a joke on me. Then we got to the tree boss, I glitched it so none of the adds came and wow. I dropped 5 spotter's orders and thought, eh. I'm gonna go get some purple drank. I got some drank, went to the bathroom and came back. They were still going at it. I still had agro, too.

    I stayed in the group, silent, until we got to the big water elemental boss. They kept dying in the aoe stuff in the back, so I teleported out and logged off. Me and my friend are laughing it up in vent, thought I'd share this story with the rift community.

    Anyone else got some funny dungeon stories?

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    Sadly enough there's a lot of idiots that queue up. They use the "I have fun in this build" excuse a lot. Well, you might be having fun, but the other 4 people are hating your guts.

    I had a T2 where we had 3 rogues, mage and the tank. Mage was the healer, and 2 of the rogues were bards and the "dps" rogue was barely doing more damage than the tank. After the 2nd pull I just left.

    At least when the LFG tool was restricted only to your server you could add the baddies to ignore, so you wouldn't be placed in a bad group. But now with the cross-shard LFG there's always a very good chance that you'll be placed in a group with some idiot that can't dps or heal.
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    People on the internet are jerks, deal with it.

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    I've been in groups where we had to Bard + Cloro + Cleric heal the last boss, but 4 of them? Haha, you have more patience than I do.
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