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Thread: LFD Cross server or single server Is there a 3rd option?

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    Default LFD Cross server or single server Is there a 3rd option?

    Ok so the LFD is here.. Many people did not want it, many people wanted it. and i am sure Others could care less. So that's that I guess.

    Now the big talk is Cross server or not. But are there other options?

    YES! of course.

    - Rewards for Random dungeons (Done.)

    - Rewards for missing class in LFD (hmmm?)

    - Little pop-up in the top right alerting specific classes that the LFD "Wants You!" (Maybe a setting to make more obvious/hidden alerts base don user preference.)

    - Mentor system so the level spread becomes irrelevant for people needing/offering help? (Make it so a group can have a lvl 50, 40, 30, 20, and 15 all working in harmony)

    - Offer different group compositions? (Can 5 DPS do a dungeon? 5 Healers? why not? 5 DPS kill stuff quickly, but it's risky. 5 healers kill stuff slowly and safely.)

    -Offer bigger groups. 1 Tank, 1 Healer, 1 Support, 5 DPS, and that dungeon will be the same Just up the HP of all the mobs... Right? Troll logic? I dunno maybe.)

    -Class specific quests? In game tutorials at level 15 and level 45 explaining to Tanks, DPS, and Healers what they need to do to be Expert ready? a quest chain?(I quested ALL the way to 50, no dungeons at all and had no idea what a T1, T2, or toughness was...)

    -mercenaries? (NPC you hire to group with you.)

    -Solo, 2 person 3 person, 4 person group dungeons? (Same dungeons but modified content or with buffs to cover the difference)

    Lots of ideas, each with varying levels of difficulty to implement. Some we will like, some we will not, some are bad ideas, some are good ideas..

    I personally don't even like some of these ideas I came up with. Others ideas I am meh about, and others Ideas I would love... But I don't need to like an idea to come up with it.

    What are your thoughts...

    Don't forget the incoming server switching we will be getting.. that is yet another idea.
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