Are there any guilds out there that raid on weekends? So far, all I've seen are guilds who raid Sunday-Thursday from 6-9 PM server time. I have yet to come across one that does Friday and Saturday nights, let alone during the day. For anyone in the middle of North America, that's roughly 9-12 PM at night. In general, people have to get up at around 7 for work or school the next day so it's never really made sense to me as to why they raid so late.

I used to do a lot of raiding in WoW and it was always during weekdays; you would never find a weekend raiding guild. I know that people pretend to have lives on weekends and say they can't play but is there any other reason why no one does it? In WoW, server times were always different so that they matched different locations around North America, so you would try to choose one in your time zone. In Rift though, all server times are the located in the same area.

If there is a server out there that does do it, please post your server so I have a decent idea of what servers are good to transfer to.