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Thread: random regulars not popping

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    Default random regulars not popping

    i que as tank/dps/support
    and still i have sat in this fraking que for 2 hours and still no group pops up.@!@
    if your going to snatch another games tool at least take the whole idea and make it so ALL shards are linked in the lfg tool.
    this game wants tanks but you kill us on trying to get ques to get the gear to get the higher lvl groups.......

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    You can always not use the tool, sounds like you're a little mad because you're probably on a dead server. Also why have it cross shards when there's guilds out there that will queue up with almost any tank geared enough to step into dungeons. Also sounds like you're a rogue and let me tell you from experience you really don't need tank gear as a rogue u can tank all the normal dungeons at level with dps gear from quests.

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