1) Fix epic quest weapons so they don't suck and fire whomever itemized them in the first place
2) Fire your entire QA staff since they are bad (Love those greenscale bugs months after release)
3) Make cross server dungeon finders since "we want community" is a lame excuse because you didn't have time to code it correctly
4) Add more customization to the group/raid UI so it doesn't look like "that other games UI" did 3+ years ago
5) Fix your /targetting system to add basics like "that other games's" nodead so it makes it easier for junky players to actually target things (i.e: GS pollen)
6) Dominator, do I need to write more?
7) Make the tier gear drops more like "that other game" so you don't go a week without seeing a particular glyph drop for a slot. Would it hurt so bad to make duke drop 1 glove, oracle drop 1 glove, hylas drop 2 shoulders, greenscale drop 2 chests consistently per week? (not even getting into ROS drops)

I've subscribed multiple accounts (I'm wealthy and like to encourage friends to play rift, so I buy them accounts to get them to play) for six months and so far I've been happy with my purchase. Please keep up the good work so I don't think twice about subscribing for another six months.