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Thread: LFG tool, changes we can agree on?

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    Default LFG tool, changes we can agree on?

    Ok, so emotional debates about cross server and wait times aside, there are a few things that have been bugging me about the LFG tool that i have not found any posts about. It just seems to me that the tool could be a little more friendly with a few small changes.

    When the tool fills a group, as of now if you are a lone person in the queue, a box pops up out of the blue that gives you 60 seconds to hit ready. If for some reason any of the players in the forming group are AFK for that particular 60 seconds, it fails the formation of the group and puts you back at the top of the list (at least it does if you clicked ready, i don't know what it does with the AFK-ers). I have had this happen a fair number of times now. I understand why, its because you might go smoke a cigarette, or a joint while you wait, and with only 60 seconds and no warning sometimes people are not ready... that's fine. Now, however, the group has failed to form and there is no way to tell who just queued up into the other slots. Yes its possible in 50 chat to try and find out, but wouldn't it be nice if it just moved on to the next people in line from the afk-ers, and left those that clicked ready in a group. Even if it just gave me their names above the little healer/tank/dps symbol when they click ready so i can tell who they are if the group fails to lock in. Maybe a small gripe, but a little user unfriendly.

    My second suggestion is one that i know others have run into. The LFG tool puts a group together, and you have just been soloing, or jumping off of bridges for fun, or whatever while you were waiting. You now have 60 seconds to click ready, and it immediately ports you in to the dungeon, but what if i need to hit a healer first? I can't tell you how many times I, or at least one other member of the group has been below 100% porting in; you have no choice, its go now as you are or not at all. Ya, you could just sit in a corner with all your ducks in a row ready to pop into a fight at a moments notice, but it would just be infinitely more convenient for it to form the group after the 60 second ready check, and let you have a second to get acquainted, hit a healer, and drop your crafting crap off at the banker before you run headlong into the dungeon. I'm not asking for the world here, just give me a damn second.

    So in closing, i think more people might use the LFG tool if it were a little more user friendly, and i think these are two ways of doing so that make life easier and cost the players nothing.

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    The first point you bring up I could care less about.

    The second one though is easily resolved with the tools already built in. Accept the group, port in, click the LFG icon next to the time and teleport back out to heal. Then just click it again to teleport back in.

    Personally, I would like to be able to see a count of the people in the Queue for each role. I would like to be able to open a tab and see that there are 45 dps, 2 support, 0 tanks, and 10 heals in the queue. I think this alone would go a long ways to get people to stop griping about the lfg tool.

    It would also let us see if it is working correctly.
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    The ability to queue different roles for T1s or T2s would be great as well. I'm geared and experienced enough to heal, dps or support a T2, but I only have the gear to tank T1s.

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