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Thread: Trinket: PVP Tank Trinket.. what about PVE?

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    Default Trinket: PVP Tank Trinket.. what about PVE?

    Why is there no PVE equivalent to this item?

    The trinket I am talking about is:
    Talisman of Lashing Rain

    Endurance +30
    Use: Absorbs up to 1250 damage.
    Last 30 seconds.

    I'm talking about this crazy 30 endurance.

    Having to PVP to get a trinket of this calibur isn't cool. PVP is ridiculous. Way too much balance issues and very not fun unless your winning. Bad for your health when you take your game seriously like I do and end up raging for hours as you lose WF after WF because some defiants or guardian healers decide to play the game today (Healers are freaking invicinble... heals need a reduction in PVP). I am horribly disgusted by how stressfull PVP is in MMORPGs that include it compared to the PVE.
    ok so QQing aside.. (I don't care if you don't agree with me on PVP opinions)

    Serious lack of good tanking trinkets like this one for PVE. The only boss that seems to drop trinkets is Prince Hylas and the tank one (which is Warrior specific only) is not that great. The DPS one is pretty good off him though. Perhaps he needs more trinkets and the tank ones need some endurance or something.

    Also, gaining factions from PVP is horrendously slow.
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    you are a rge, gay it up. go rs shard running.

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    This, Or the Trinket off Uruulak is good and procs a lot for me. ( Not to mention works on Magic Casters since the Mirror only works on block)

    Otherwise I stick to the RoS Event trinket
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