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Thread: Need HELP! problem joining t2

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    Default Need HELP! problem joining t2

    I am a warrior dps my Hit is 207 and my Strenght is 387 but i cant seem to join any t2. As far as i know i am meeing the minium requiremnts for t2 as a dps. If anyone knows why i cant join the t2 if i am doing somethin wrong please post and feed back would be very helpful .
    THANK YOU !!!!!!!!!!!

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    the 270str you need have to come from gear,runes or essences ONLY, so your basic str, and any str buffs you may have do NOT count.

    to check this easiest is to remove ANY AND ALL str buffs you have on you, and then hover your mouse over your str stat and it should show something like "387 (50+337)" (those are madeup numbers in the parenthesis, by me for the examples sake)

    now that would mean your str from gear/essence/runes would be 337, well if these numbers where correct you should be able to enter, but it is that 337 that you need to ensure is over 270 WITHOUT having any str buffs on (as buffs will add to that number too but not count for the req for t2)
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    Also remove any talent which increases str %, those don't count either

    You need +270 str without buffs or talents, only with gear + essences + enchants

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