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Thread: The problem with dungeons

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    Default The problem with dungeons

    Ok so i saved up all my ancient wardstones that sometimes took 3 hours to get just five. Now I am level 50 and cannot spend them on anything useful. The only thng worth getting is the raid gear which requires glyphed items. Where in the hell are the rifts for these. I'd rather save up all my ancient sourcestones for one piece of raid gear then relying on a chance that I may get a drop in a rift. I then check the elder and minor items and they cost three times more sourcstone for lesser gear. I think someone broke their calculator when configuring the perimeters for raid gear. It should be the other way around. Major items cost three times more sourcestone and minor and elder relics cost glyph and lesser amount of sourcestone. It's almost impossible to do 5 man dungeons without better gear.

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    Almost impossible to do 5man dungeons without better gear?


    You need to update your game to 1.2

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