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Thread: Prince Hylas bugs

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    Default Prince Hylas bugs

    Minor bugs:
    Whirlwind graphic not showing when he does his ae, you can still see the cast bar and announce though.
    Green beam graphic not showing when he is summoning one of the previous bosses so you can't tell where it's going to spawn.

    Major bugs:
    People who are bunnied don't get banished to the entrance at 10%, they stay and get mysteriously vaporized.
    People randomly don't get turned into forest animals on banish, so they run back without the runspeed buff, meaning you either wait for them to catch up before you re-engage, or you engage as normal and the non polymorphed people get locked out because the hedges close.
    People randomly get 1 shot with nothing in the combat log while running back from the banish. This has happened to our MT twice and our bard once, all of which are BAD mmkay.

    Seriously guys we do a good enough job of messing up this fight on our own without all of the bugs in it causing extra random wipes!

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    If you move during the bunny-and-teleport cast you are likely to be insta-killed on the spot instead of teleported, or, teleported into the crystals at doorway and killed there, or, teleported to touching the crystals and not polymorphed. We now have the raid stop moving in preparation for this cast and we don't really see it happening any more (or, the people who die know they were moving when it happened).

    If you are touching the hedges adjacent to Prince's space as you run back, you seem to sometimes get 1-shot with nothing in combat log. Haven't seen it since we started staying out slightly from the wall as we run back.

    On a related note, touching hedges seems to be bad generally, you can blow up your raid on Oracle if you're hard against the hedge when you run out with bomb.

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    last night we ported to entrance, as bunnies, no one dead... bam soulfracture raid wipe.
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