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Thread: LFG thing sucks

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    Default LFG thing sucks

    First of all the LFG random dungeon thing is borked. People with stats above the requirement are not allowed to queue. So if we want to play with our friends we have to accept signifcantly less plaques.

    Second no matter how you look at its now nothing but a grind to get the gear. Before 2 plaques per boss and 20 for the dungeon = 30/32 plaques per T2. Now 2 plaques per boss and 6 for using the broken LFG thing = 18 per T2. And to top it off Trion jacked up the price significantly.

    Since the dungeons are Zero challenge now, they are nothing but a grind.

    But people don't like clearing trash, we wanted to focus on the boss fights which they did like. Yeah well did you arrange the trash in an intersting way or give them interesting abilities so they were challenging? No, we just piled them up, range and mele, no thought at all to the repetative nature of it. Well I would have started there and fixed that first.

    Seriously, get the LFG thing working at the very least so that people can queue for T2's if they have the right stats. Make the rewards worthwhile, 6 plaques is a crap reward. For crying out loud you could have 3 plaques drop of each mob and 6 off the final boss and say screw the lfg quest thingy. Create interesting trash encounters - piling up the same types of mobs in every single dungeon is not intereting.
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    at least let us que random and be able to do the same dungeon multiple times if we need. sucks being locked out and not being to help a group that needs me to go in with them.

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