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Thread: LFG, does it actually work?

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    Default LFG, does it actually work?

    Ever since the LFG tool was added I have yet to actually get a group and enter a dungeon. I'm a tank so I thought I'd have fairly short queue times. (on average there are more dps than tanks and healers). I'll queue up and wait.... and wait some more.. 3 hours go by and I'm still waiting.. The only time I've ever used the LFG successfully is when we already had 5 players in the group and we used the lfg for the instant teleport to the dungeon. Otherwise it just doesn't work for me.

    After a while you just give up completely and start spamming the channels with "LFM for" etc etc. There's no timer on the LFG letting you know of your average wait time, or how many players have been found for your group. There's just nothing letting you know.. I've tried queuing up at all different times of the day and still get nothing. So far this LFG is just not working for me at all..

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    Default LFG tool

    I've had the same results as you, but I'm dps so I expected to wait a little longer. That translates into: I almost never find a group using the tool. Hours pass - nothing.

    Especially with the new you-get-locked-out issue, almost nobody uses the tool any more - or they do, and it just doesn't work. It's effectively just a way to teleport instantly to the dungeon with a premade, and does not function well to assist individuals in finding groups.

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    There need to be two conditions present -

    1. There need to be other people in the queue. If people don't queue, it doesn't work
    2. Those people need to NOT have you on ignore.

    The reason I say this is I was talking to a guy who trolls chat a lot and he couldn't find groups while I was getting constant pops. The difference was a lot of people ahve him on ignore

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