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Thread: LFD tool after patch

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    Default LFD tool after patch

    Joined with 5 folks tonight in guild. 1 had run AP via LFD earlier today. When we attempt to queue it takes us to each dungeon like normal, and finally we get to AP. We all get in but the person who did it earlier cannot join us.

    So did we change it so you can only LFD each dungeon once per day now?

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    Sounds bugged:

    * Fixed lockouts not being set when finding Random LFG dungeons. Players doing Random LFG dungeons will be locked to them the first run as they would if they entered normally. The Random LFG tool will then bypass any instance locks of party members for any dungeons repeated before the lockout expires.

    To me that would mean yes it would lock you on the first run, but should ignore (bypass) any locks on further randoms that hit that same dungeon.

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