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Thread: [GUIDE] Getting LFG tool to work

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    Default [GUIDE] Getting LFG tool to work

    Perhaps we can gather info and tips on getting the LFG working for us all while devs try to fix it.

    My experience is generally with 4 or 5 man.
    1. Relogging helps
    2. As individual pre-choose your desired soul build
    3. Don't switch roles
    4. Choose 1 role in LFG tool only
    5. Solo > Open LFG tool > choose role > queue > leave (to lock in role)
    6. Now gather your friends and queue as a group

    Somehow I *think* the game remembers your previous roles. So if you had queued for dps, and later switch in the dungeon, it messes up what the game knows you as. Pure dps ones should have less issues. Sometimes those with multiple like cleric w heals dps etc tends to confuse the tool.

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    usually the issue will be the recognition of the healer.

    As I run experts using Chloro as main heals most of the time, sometimes the LFG Tool does not recognize the chloro as a healer but as a support instead. Have seen post regarding you need a certain percentage of points into the tree but that's bs as my grp's chloro tried queueing with a 51chloro spec and a hybrid spec with at least 30ish points into chloro but does not work as well.

    There are few solutions to the problems, one of which was what you mentioned which was to solo queue as the specific role, then leave the queue. Then re-group up to queue as a whole again. This still fails and relogging doesnt help. Why this is the case is as you mentioned, the game somehow remembers the previous role you have been assigned, i.e you have done as a mage dps but now want to be a chloro mainheal but the system does not recognize it.

    The other way to go about it is to make sure you designate the roles and specs to the various people before queuing. (2DPS,1SUPPORT,1TANK,1HEALS)
    What I mean here is, dont put your role as tank on the tool, but the current spec you are in is DPS.
    The role in the tool and your current spec must coincide. Get them to do the abovementioned then invite them into the group.
    Secondly, for those having trouble with chloro as main heals but have another mage in your group, get both of them to queue with healer/support ticked. This works too for mage/cleric group set up for recognition for healers too because the LFG tool does bug out for clerics as well.

    All in all, you will see that it doesn't work when you cannot even hit the "JOIN" button when you have lead, or when hitting the "JOIN" button, an error msg that says too many roles of the same type appears.

    What you can do is uninvite until the "JOIN" button appear again to see who is the problematic one, have him queue outside of group as the specific role you need, then make sure you maintain contact to see if when you pop, he/she received the pop as well.

    Rinse and repeat all the above steps and I'm sure you will find some success in using the LFG Tool.

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