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Thread: Fixed the lfg tool eh?

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    Default Fixed the lfg tool eh?

    I mean, I only have 360 Wisdom and 148 Focus. Is this because my belt is still green because the belt drops in this game stink? I've done T2's... they aren't that hard. It would be nice to be able to use the LFG Tool that's SUPPOSED to make our lives easier ...

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    same, ive got a Warrior with 219 Str in my gear, total is 293. And even though the LFG doesnt designate a requirement for Hit, ive got 103.

    ive only been able to do 1 T1 Dungeon which i completed without any issues but we actually went there not queued up for it, and i cant even group with people cuz they all do randoms and apparently i dont meet the requirements.

    ive sent it many notifications about it and only received the "Currently we are aware of the issue and we are working toward a solution." response, so when i log in earlier and saw that they "fixed it" i breathed a sigh or relief that was short lived cuz it turns out they didnt fix it....come on Trion....

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    I can queue for T2s with my pvp gear equipped(<80 focus)

    Not really sure what they base the requirements on, maybe its based on the combined focus of the highest focus set in my inventory?

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