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Thread: Soloing Low Level Dungeons

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    Default Soloing Low Level Dungeons

    What is the lowest level you can solo the first few dungeons in the game. I am wanting to go back and try them since I didn't do them on my way leveling up.

    I am currently in my early 30's as a warrior. Would they be possible yet or should I just wait until 50 and do them then? I just want to see the content of them.

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    I tried RotF with a warrior in his 30s but didn't get very far without a healer. But I was able to go all the way through it with an Elementalist in I think early 40s (with the rock pet).

    Just give it a try, it doesn't matter if you die in this game.

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    You'll eventually see them anyway, since the T1/2 dungeons are replicas, just with a few extra bosses/hallways/rooms.

    I'd say just give it a try. You'll likely know pretty quick if you want a few more levels to try solo.
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    I'm not sure what the lowest level is, though 30 might not quite be high enough.

    It was funny though, I recently soloed RotF in my 50 Mage (Necro/Lock - T1 gear) to complete the necessary epic quests in there and I ultra-facerolled it. I wasn't expecting it to be quite so easy. I though I'd at least have to use some stategy. At 50, you can run right by all the trash mobs without having to fight or even aggro a single one (didn't know this worked on elites at the time, just normals). I only had to fight the bosses, and they each dropped in less than 30 seconds. The whole thing took me about 10 minutes, tops, most of which was just running (RotF is long).

    As Chrome said, you'll eventually make your way back there for experts anyway, and at level 50, you'll be able to solo the normal version them without problems.

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