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Thread: One big lie...

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    Default One big lie...

    Quote Originally Posted by Zor View Post
    Hello my fellow Rifties. I want to give small preview to some of the planned changes to our Expert dungeons. Note: This is not a complete list there are plenty of other things that should be updated (such as various achievement bug fixes).

    As I've mentioned in an earlier post, we're generally happy with the overall difficulty but will be making a few adjustments for 1.2.
    - Reduced Health on non-boss encounters
    - Caelia the Stormtouched will be modified to be more understandable
    - Gronik's power gain will be nerfed
    - Rictus ground target ability will be nerfed a bit
    - Gatekeeper Kaleida will have the range of some of the crystal abilities reduced and will ignore line of sight
    - Scarn's smouldering bones will stay on fire longer
    - Ice Talon and the Falconer will have their health pools slightly reduced
    - King's Breach Manticores will not instantly use their special abilities
    - Shadehorror Phantasm will no longer spawn minions on pets

    We will also be making some particular changes to make some encounters more melee balanced
    - Ragnoth's whips have reduced range, duration, and effectiveness
    - Fae Lord Twyl will no longer have any 'safe' locations
    - Sparkwing's PBAE will have a reduced range. His chained bolt will now work properly on ranged targets.
    - Konstantin's cleave will no longer be 360 degrees. Players that are in melee range will get a damage bonus.
    - Glubmuk's poison bolt will no longer hit melee.
    - Chillblains' elementals will no longer prefer to spawn on the closest targets
    - Queen Valnara's ground effect she drops on her location will hurt less.
    - Ouldare's special abilities will share a cooldown.
    - Luggodhan's goo will no longer target the tank
    Do you si this one big red lie? Why they nerfed dungeons so much?

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    DSM is ridiculously easy now

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