It seems most people have on the shard i mainly go on (sparkwing).

I remember weeks ago when i was lvl 30-45, there were many people asking on the chat for more people to do dungeons and expert dungeons. I couldn't wait to lvl to 50 and join in the dungeon exploring and get some good loot. But now i'm 50 hardly anyone is looking for more people for any dungeons (expert or normal). Has everyone explored all the dungeons already and got the loot they wanted in those weeks or something? Are people bored of raiding dungeons now? If still yet to do AP and CC and not even started the expert dungeons. To be honest, its the only thing thats still interesting me in the game and i fear if no one continues on dungeoning then i might have to stop playing as there isn't anything else to do in the game once you've reached 50.