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Thread: FAQ for dungeon noobs?

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    Default FAQ for dungeon noobs?

    Does such a thing exist?

    First time mmo player. I really could use a doc or something that would help me decipher comments like, "Just have your tanks POE the PVP on the enemy - just make sure your DPS doesn't counteract the GPS on your POS."

    I'd like to get up to speed on dungeon runs. I'm level 32, but I've never tried the dungeons, although I've tried to solo the Realm of the Fae one (unsuccessfully, of course). I'm sure it takes 3 or 4 higher-level folks (since I can usually clean up the first 10-12 baddies myself, but the larger groups get me) or a bunch of appropriately leveled (15-20 for Fae) players. How does one organize such a dungeon run? it'd be nice if there were a bulletin board or something in Sanctum (or wherever) where someone could post, "Realm of the Fae: need 2 warriors, 2 clerics, and 2 mages. Meet us at the Fae Well at 9pm EST."

    And finally, is there any sort of unspoken dungeon etiquette? I don't particularly care about looting, but are there unspoken rules like, "Never attack until you see the mages do such-and-such"? I don't want to be "that guy" ...

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    Dungeon groups are usually found within your level bracket chat. For example, when you first start you are entered into a chat called level 1-9. When you reach level 10, you go to 10-19 and so forth. This is the best place to find a group for your level appropriate dungeon. However tommorow with the new patch a looking for group system will be enabled allowing you to "flag" your character as searching for a dungeon.

    Dungeons are usually done by a full group of people around the level of the instance. For instance, being level 32, you might be interested in Foul Cascade. It's around level 29-32ish in the Scarlet Gorge.

    You'll want a tank (someone who takes the damage and controls the monsters), a healer (self-explanatory), and three damage dealers for killing the mobs. Although you do have the option of taking a second healer, or support class (bard) if you wish.

    Usually etiquette involves stuff like let the tank pull (or attack the monsters first). It's usually best to give them around 3-4 seconds. Try to attack what he or she is attacking unless you are using area of effect spells. If you have a question about a boss, ask the group. If you're new to a dungeon, usually its best to say so at the beginning. Most people are willing to help people out if they're honest about it.

    Loot rules usually mean select need if something is an upgrade for you. If someone is an off-spec, meaning if a damage dealer wants to roll on a tank item for his off-set, he should ask the group first. Usually greed items otherwise. It's best just to ask your group at the beginning though.

    Hopefully this helps a little bit, if you have any other questions feel free to post them.

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    Quote Originally Posted by steebu View Post
    And finally, is there any sort of unspoken dungeon etiquette? I don't particularly care about looting, but are there unspoken rules like, "Never attack until you see the mages do such-and-such"? I don't want to be "that guy" ...
    Find good friendly people who don't mind someone being new. I spend a lot of my time helping people adapt in one way or another.

    I'd also recommend a newbie-friendly guild. Some guilds are proud to have no noobs ever cross their threshhold. Guilds like mine are very happy to welcome new players.

    If you're sure to tell people you're new and meet people who are comfortable with that you will learn all you want just playing the game.

    I do suggest you start as dps until you're a little more confident.
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    Things to know:
    OOM = out of mana. If you're between fights, wait until your party replenishes mana. Do not agro any mobs. If you’re in a fight, prepare to wipe.

    Wipe= everyone dies.

    LOS = Line of Sight. A tactic to make casters (who normally stand in place and cast) come to you by hiding behind something after you attack them. This breaks line of sight and the mob AI makes them run to you so they can cast.

    Tank n' spank = standard attack. Tank takes agro, healer heals tank, dps burn mob.

    Pat= Patrol. Enemy mob is walking into agro range. Either move, or prepare.

    Add= Additional mob. An enemy mob has seen you and is joining the fight.

    Res= Resurrect.

    Squirrel/sheep/sap/ transmogrify/whatever = A mob is going to be changed into a squirrel/sapped and incapacitated for 30 secs. DO NOT ATTACK THEM!!!

    Help111!!!!!!!! = HELP!!!!!

    That’s about all I can think of. Formation for 5-man is generally 1 Tank, 1 healer and 3 DPS. The tank has the toughest job and should be leading the fights and choosing who and when to attack. In my experience, if you find your tanks health jumping way up and down, then they are not able to tank that dungeon – they either need to level up, get better gear or spec better. Having said that, some people are just bad. If you are new, you might want to leave tanking until you get a bit more experienced. The second most important job is the healer. Make sure no one EVER attacks your healer. Healers have a tough job because they’re constantly watching the UI and not the fight. Finding good tanks and healers is really difficult. DPS is easy, that’s why everyone goes dps. When in a dungeon, burn down whatever the tank is targeting.

    As for etiquette, most groups I play with go on a ‘need what you need’ basis. If you get to roll on an item, only need it if your (current) character can use it. Needing an item you can’t use or will sell is a major no no; and you will likely get kicked and ignored by the party for doing it.

    Hope that helps.
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