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Thread: Expert Instances

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    Forgive me first for being a complete Noob but I have a question regarding the Expert level instances.

    First I wasnt to say Kudos to the members of Soul Masters guild on Aedraxis that took me on not just my first Expert instance last night but my first instance in Rift ever. I had a wonderful time and it was tons of fun. We completed the Fall of Lantern Hook Expert.

    Ok now for the Question(s). I received 5 Plaques of Achievement for the run. I understand you can turn these in for armor etc. But I overheard someone saying you can only get 10 a day? Does that sound right?

    If the 10 a day limit is not true, can you reset the same instance and do it over and over in the same day? I ask because we breezed through that instance in less than an hour and if thats the case I will stick with that instance to get enough Plaques.

    Thank you to anyone that takes the time to read this and even more so those that reply. Much appreciated!

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    Every expert dungeon has a lockout of one day (I don't remember what time they reset, it's some time during the night). Theoretically you could do all ten every day, but you could not do one ten times in one day.

    Bosses in tier 1s drop one plaque each and bosses in tier 2s drop 2 plaques each. There is a daily quest offered in your home town for both a random Tier 1 and a random Tier 2. Completing the daily tier 1 quest gives you 10 additional plaques and completing the daily tier 2 quest gives you 20 additional plaques. The daily quest is just beat the last boss in the dungeon.

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    Once per day per instance.

    Every day there is a repeatable quest for 1 T1 and 1 T2 dungeon. The T1 quest gives 10 plaques, T2 gives 20.

    T1 bosses drop 1 plaque each, T2 drop 2. In general, T1 instance = 5-6 plaques + 10 if it was the daily. T2 = 10-12 plaques + 20 for the daily.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Fanasze View Post
    I ask because we breezed through that instance in less than an hour and if thats the case I will stick with that instance to get enough Plaques.
    You breezed through because you were with a guild group that outgeared the instance and knew what they were doing.

    Going with 4 other randoms will not be nearly as quick if it's even successful.

    Do all of them or you'll get really bored of LH plus there are drops in the instances that you cannot get from plaques.

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