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Thread: Souls and Callings - A Dungeon Guide. Also my first guide.

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    Default Souls and Callings - A Dungeon Guide. Also my first guide.

    Doing dungeons is my passion. I love reading about every class and spec to see what they do, so I can lead my groups to victory and help people out in the process. That generally means I like to play every class and spec. In the last MMO that I got into, world of warcraft, I had a level 80 of each character and did daily dungeons on all of them.

    In Rift, I'm doing the same thing. I have a character setup for each calling with all 4 soul slot things setup for different roles. And from what I've read and experienced so far in the game, I feel that the dungeon finder tool should categorize these calling's souls into these group roles.

    The list and descriptions that I put together for this were just out of boredom. If you want to comment on how I'm wrong in something, please do. I'll update it and have fun with it. That's kind of the point, I'm having fun writing it Maybe you'll learn something about certain souls that you didn't know before!

    Also, I'm not super experienced with a rogue yet, so feedback on that would be cool. My favorite class so far is the warrior. I love tanking in this game.

    Beastmaster, Riftblade, Champion, Paragon heavy specs are DAMAGE
    Paladin, Reaver, Void Knight, Warlord heavy specs are TANKS

    "Warriors can't fill the support or heal role, as none of their souls have enough healing keep a tank alive or provide enough offheals/buffs to fill the support role."

    Beastmaster - Does damage mostly through bleeds and a primal companion pet.
    Riftblade - Does damage mostly elemental damage and has limited ranged damage.
    Champion - Does purely physical damage with few stuns and good debuffs.
    Paragon- Does damage through dual-wielding weapons with follow up attacks and finishers that buff their damage.
    Paladin - Holds the threat of enemies through physical damage with many reactive attacks.
    Void Knight - Holds the threat of enemies and helps mitigate a substantial amount of damage through the use of pacts.
    Warlord - Holds the threat of enemies while buffing himself and his party and provides great support in the lack of a support class.
    Reaver - Holds the threat of enemies through diseases and area attacks and can heal himself a small bit when needed.

    Cabalist, Inquisitor, Shaman, Druid heavy specs are DAMAGE
    Justicar and damage heavy specs are SUPPORT
    Purifier, Warden, Sentinel heavy specs are HEALERS
    Justicar heavy specs are TANKS

    "Clerics can fill almost any role. They can fill the Healer, Damage and Tank role very well, but they lack many buffs that other support souls have. While filling the support role, they will be mostly healing through their damage, providing only a few buffs."

    Cabalist - Does damage through the use of sigils, damage over time effects and death magic.
    Inquisitor - Does damage through the use of life and death magic and is very good and area of effect and single target damage.
    Shaman - Does damage through physical damage, relying on vengeance, reactive and courage spells for extra damage.
    Druid - Does damage mainly through attacks that buff their pet's damage and has some great buffs and debuffs.
    Justicar - The justicar spec is very flexible. It can fill the main tank role, or a support healer role. They have many support heals and damaging abilities that heal themselves, or the party.
    Purifier - Cauterizes friendly wounds and makes use of absorption spells to lower the damage of party members.
    Warden - Uses the power of water to heal friendly teammates through powerful heal-over-time spells and area of effect heals.
    Sentinel - Is a very well rounded healing soul that has a great arsenal of single target and group heals.

    Elementalist, Necromancer, Warlock, Pyromancer, Stormcaller heavy specs are DAMAGE
    Chloromancer heavy specs are HEALERS
    Archon and Chloromancer heavy specs are SUPPORT
    Dominator heavy specs are NOPE

    "Mages can fill the role of damage, main healer, support healer and full on support. Their damage is very high and are very good at healing groups. They are very versatile and can fill any role exceptionally well, except tank."

    Elementalist - Does damage through the use of controlling the elements and the use of elemental pets.
    Necromancer - Are the masters of controlling death. They can summon undead minions to do their bidding, while they disease and plague their enemies.
    Warlock - The masters of death magic and damage over time abilities.
    Pyromancer - Does damage through the use of fire and reactive fire attacks.
    Stormcaller - Slows and electrocutes their enemies with ice and lightning damage.
    Chloromancer - Heals groups through life damage effects and makes a great main healer, or offhealer for harder fights.
    Archon - One of, if not the best, support souls in the game. Has many unique buffs and cooldowns to aid the party while doing a decent amount of damage.
    Dominator - Not very good in PVE dungeons. Only good as a soul for CC, when needed.

    Assassin, Bladedancer, Marksman, Nightblade, Ranger, Saboteur heavy specs are DAMAGE
    Bard heavy specs are SUPPORT
    Riftstalker heavy specs are TANKS

    "Rogues can fill every role, except for main healer. They have a wide variety of damage and can support the group with buffs and heals, or be the main tank."

    Assassin - Makes use of poisons, stealth attacks and bleeds to kill their enemies.
    Bladedancer - Uses quick rhythmic strikes and cooldowns to damage their enemies.
    Marksman - A master with a bow or gun, uses ranged attacks and can do great damage while standing still at a distance.
    Nightblade - Makes use of fire and death magic melee attacks to burn their enemies dead.
    Ranger - Relies on bleeds, ranged attacks and their trusty companions to bring their enemies down.
    Saboteur - Uses bombs, traps and charges to deal great amounts of burst damage.
    Bard - Plays songs of joy to buff and heal party members and dirges to debuff and damage enemies.
    Riftstalker - Holds threat and mitigates damage through rift energies and can plane shift out of deadly attacks.

    And yeah, this didn't take too long to write. I'm an information sponge.
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