Maybe I'm misunderstanding something here..

Just to clarify my own position. I'm not a Instance Raider. Never really had the inclination to do so. I'm more of an ESAK person. I like to play at my own pace and enjoy the game as I get to it.

Now, I'm a level 26 in Gloamwood (Rogue) and I have Alt (Chloro & Justicar) that are both within 18-19 ranges. In Gloamwood chat on my server it never fails to see "LFG lvl 21 Tank for RotF" or M Healer.. but..

Standard Difficulty Dungeons Available
- Realm of the Fae (16-17) - Silverwood
- Darkening Deeps (22-23) - Gloamwood

So, Why would you come to Gloamwood looking for someone above the desired level for the instance? And when someone that is the appropriate level offers to run the instance with you just because, gets rejected because "too Low LVL"

Seems to me that you would be shooting your self in the foot trying to recruit someone to run an instance with you that they can not benefit from, and reject someone who can is willing to try to run the instance with you. I've never run the instance before but I'm just trying to grasp why you would run an instance you have outleveled intentionally when there is next to zero benefit to do so.

But, perhaps I'm just a newb and don't know any better. Can someone enlighten me, please?
It would be greatly appreciated.