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Thread: Intrestinf adventure in Charmer's Caldera last night...

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    Default Intrestinf adventure in Charmer's Caldera last night...

    So.. me and some friends were questing near CC last night, and one of us ended up getting the quest that takes him into Charmer's Caldera. As we made our way to Charmer's Caldera we got separated, as I was on the cliff overlooking the entrance I told my group I would just hop down there and zone us in..

    Big mistake, The drop was farther than I thought, and the trip down took half my health, I also ended up landing RIGHT next to one of those Elite flame dudes who promptly handed me my butt on a silver platter.

    No big I thought I will just soul walk to the zone in and get rez'ed upon entering.. So.. I zone into Charmer's Caldera, and stand there waiting to get rez'ed.. and nothing happens! I'm still dead.. So I zoned back out in the hopes that doing so would rez me but I am still dead.. As I am standing there still dead I happen to notice an artifact sitting on the ground.. and I was thinking "Oh, man I wish i could pick that up!" and I clicked on it.

    Much to my surprise I looted a "Pale Mongoose Tribe Symbol" WTF I though.. then my group zoned me back into CC..

    To everyone in the group, I appeared whole and alive, but I had no Health or Energy. Someone decided it was a good idea for me to try to attack something after learning I had picked up an artifact..

    So I did.. and it worked, while "Dead" I was able to kill about three of the elite mobs near the entrance before the group's healer tried to heal me.. at which point I popped back to life at half health, and subsequently had my butt handed to me again by the elite mob I was fighting..

    So yea.. Interesting Bug.. I dunno what caused it, Ive been trying to replicate it again.. for testing purposes you understand... but It hasn't happened again, and yes, I did put in a bug report on it.
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    Cool story.

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    That happened to me then I soloed Greenscale

    But interesting bug, I'm gonna retrace your steps and do it myself.
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