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Thread: Noob question about EXP dungeons

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    Default Noob question about EXP dungeons

    Can someone explain to me the hierarchy of the expert dungeons? I recently dinged lv50, have eliminated all greens from my equipment and now I'm just curious about which dungeons I need to hit first to get the gear to hit the next set.

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    Normal Level 50 Dungeons:
    1. Abyssal Precipice
    2. Charmer's Caldera

    T1 Expert Dungeons (Easiest to Hardest) [Entry Stat Req: 0 Hit, 0 Focus, 50 Toughness]
    1. Iron Tombs
    2. Foul Cascade
    3. Lantern's Hook
    4. King's Breach
    5. Realm of the Fae

    T2 Expert Dungeons (Easiest to Hardest) [Entry Stat Req: 100 Hit, 100 Focus, 100 Toughness]
    1. Abyssal Precipice
    2. Darkening Deeps
    3. Runic Descent
    4. Charmer's Caldera
    5. Deepstrike Mines

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    Sticky some #$%#^$# guides so that people stop asking the same question for the 100th time or posting information that is clearly wrong.
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