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Thread: So now Greenscale...

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    Default So now Greenscale...

    My guild Just last night took out Oracle Aleria, Prince Hylas( on our 4th try!!) for the first time last night. We are no hardcore raiding guild just a guild pushing along trying to get these done when we can. We attempted Greenscale once before we had to call it(was coming close to are end raid time people had to leave) We are gonna give him another shot tomorrow.

    Ive looked on youtube and the past 4 pages in these forums I cant find any guide to LGS himself. Is there one out there? heck I cant even find a full fight of LGS all there is are Kill vids. Has not many guild taken him out?

    Thanks for any help
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    Greenscale is a pretty organized fight like the rest of GSB. It really gets hectic in the last 20-25%, that's where you're going to have the most trouble.

    Here is a link to a site with a strat and strats for most other bosses: http://unstablerift.com/?q=node/383

    Make sure everyone reads up on it, tell your healers they are really going to have to bring their A-game (if they thought healing on Hylas was nuts...lol) and be ready to wipe A LOT while learning each phase and how the introduction of new plants changes things.

    Good luck
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