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Thread: Prince Hylas - 10% Transition

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    Default Prince Hylas - 10% Transition

    Anyone offer any advice on this transition? We seem to be fine leading up to it. Then when we get transmorgified and run back, some people are dying despite the tank leading out ahead of us? Then once we are back, we are getting 2 Treants for a tank to hold (too many I assume) and things start falling apart when he does the the first Soul Fracture...

    Should we kill the adds?
    How many healer/DPS/tanks did you have?
    Any advice in general?

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    Don't kill the adds. Have the tank you are following back to not hug the wall so he aggros the wolves instead of the others who aren't hugging the wall.

    You can use health pots while polymorphed, so do it.

    You should always have 3 tanks regardless on that fight. So if you really need to then have 1 tank for each treant.

    Here's a good copy paste from the guide on our site

    3 Tanks
    2 Cleric Tank Healer
    2 Chloromancers
    2 Clerics specced 16 Justicar/39 Inquisitor/11 Cabalist
    1 Bard
    1 Archon
    9 DPS

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    As a bard I know if I don't turn off my run speed buff prior to the critter phase the wolves would just eat me alive while running through no matter where in the pack I was. They also pounce right on me when we get back to him and I turn it on.

    I'd imagine other aura's like that piss wolves off as well while running as a critter.

    Try having your melee stack on his right (as looking at him) and ranged all stack right side a bit back. Makes for easier grouping off the wolves and treant.

    You just have to be ready with heals for the first soul fracture, being grouped as stated above will help immensely with this. Then just spread back to how you were in the beginning fighting him and collect loot.

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