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Thread: Class specified loot

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    Ever run a dungeon with all cleric or only rogues and mages? Or just Clerics and rogues? etc? However despite this all the loot drops for classes that aren't in the group? ****'s annoying right? It's a small thing but Trion it'd be super appreciative if you could write up a simple algorithm that drops loot for classes that are running in the instance. The hardcore guys will say, "No that ruins game content and free lootz, wrrabblllgrabblll!" but **** them. I'd rather not waste 8 hours of my time trying to get decent gear for the next dungeon up and simply level out of it with out getting anything. It's a simple thing, not like we are getting away with anything you'll still have like 3-5 people rolling on the same gear. It's just a suggestion.

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    or make the amount of loot for each class balance, the amount of gear for every class is out of balance and it dosent seem to be on based on whats in the squad it's the sheer amount of gear that is current is mostly for one class( i.e clerics and chain)
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