I'm amazed there are actually arguments against a DF. A better argument is to keep Add-Ons, Plug-Ins, or an API out of the game... but that's another thread.

DUNGEON FINDER BOX/Tool?: My suggestion would be to place a dungeon finder box (like a Mailbox) near the location of the dungeon you wish to run. I was never a fan of simply being transported to any random dungeon from the center of town.

Get your character to that dungeon box and register your role, check the Only My Shard checkbox if somehow you are anti-cross-shards. I believe that option should be unlocked somehow by achievements first, but that's debatable.

There is nothing wrong with having to get your character to that dungeon box for registration. Once you're in the area, perhaps all you /LFG spam lovers can all hold hands and spam messages together as you wait for the rest of your team to form. Long live hours of dedicated spam, right?

If you're in a guild, then no need to even use the Dungeon Finder Box (unless you need a filler)... if you work and have a life, then the DF tool is there to help you play the game.

Why should people with actual lives not be able to play content, due to time restrictions?

Content should be accessible and able to be enjoyed within a reasonable time frame, for anyone who pays a subscription. Content should not just be for those who have no lives and play 60 hours a week.

Rift needs a new AND effective dungeon finder.

Personal opinion... and you know how that goes.