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Thread: LFD Survey System

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    Default LFD Survey System

    Has anyone ever discussed a survey system? One where you would have the option at the end of a run to rank the players that were in the run? Maybe a 1-5 or a 1-10 for competency and friendliness, like a consumer would about a restaurant, etc... the rating would stay with the character and if you're friendly and competant, people could see "100 votes" that said that... if you're a ninja looting elitist $#^%%$@# then people would be able to see that as well. It may incent people to be on their best behavior at all times because they don't want a poor rating. You could even make a system where only the most recent "50" votes counted so if you start to drift toward the positive or negative then older ratings no longer show up and only your most recent interactions do.

    Pair this with a single shard "list" of people looking to run either specific dungeons or any dungeon and what their roles are and I'd be a pretty happy camper.

    -2 cents

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    Quite possible it may get abused with the trolls. :/

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    The MMO community, as a whole, can't be trusted to behave in a mature, responsible, and civil manner. Any Dungeon Finder will subject the user to a majority of the shard populace over time, and the generated score for a player will reflect the fact of this reply's opening sentence.

    Quote Originally Posted by Fight Club
    On a long enough timeline, the survival rate for everyone drops to zero.
    The same will be true of their character's dungeon finder rating.
    Don't waste your time replying to me directly in a post.

    These forums are garbage and no threads can be subscribed to properly since 2010.

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