So, last night I was tanking a t1 Iron Tombs. We're on the Three Kings and we wipe. No one has a Soul Walk, so I respawn to come back and rez(I'm pally/reaver/VK). Oh yeah, it';s my first time tanking a t1 and my first time doing Expert IT.

Anyway, I re-enter the dungeon and am placed into a newly respawned instance of IT. All the mobs are up and the quest says that no bosses are downed(we had already done the 1st 2). IT was 4:20am - apparently(from what we could figure out) when they reset the instance lockouts, they also made the game forget that I was in the instance - even though therest of my party was still inside the instance, waiting for me to come rez them with Pally rez.

Yes, I was group leader and yes, the dungeon difficulty was set to expert. Is this a known bug? If so, it needs to get fixed, fast. I was really ticked off - my first try at tanking a t1 ruined cuz of this.