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Thread: Recommendation: Single Encounters

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    Default Recommendation: Single Encounters

    Now, River of souls is pretty cool, but the amount of trash is pretty damn ridiculous. I appreciate that you guys (Trion) probably put a lot of work into this. This post is a suggestion to help remedy a lot of the problems that myself and everyone I know is having, lack of stuff to do at 50.

    Here is our situation. We are all T2 geared. Nothing from any T2 dungeon will help us. Yes, it will help our guild members, but we can only do that so much. All we have left are crafting dailies and mathos and dragonslayer dailies can go f themselves. The rep grinds are not fun or rewarding at all and we have no desire to do that at all. So, here is an idea that I came up with in order to give T2 geared 50s that will requre minimal effort on your (Trion) part. btw, my guild raids 3 nights a week which is perfect for mine and other guild members' schedules.

    Single encounters, think of WoW's Onyxia. However, they are 5 man encounters with a 7 day timer. 7 day timer because you could easily crank these out and have so many that we would never be able to do them all. Each encounter would require 30 minutes or so with the fight balanced for T2 geared folks. This will solve the current 50 problem of being T2 geared and only able to raid to progress. Just have each boss drop 1 raid-equivalent epic, or one of those glyphed raid drops.

    If there were 20 or so of these single encounters just hanging out across Telara giving T2 geared 50's something to do while waiting for raid nights then you'd have a ton of happy 50's with something to do every day. That's all i'm looking for right now. Aside from pvp and raiding I cannot progress my character at all.

    As I said before, this is stuff you (Trion) can just crank out. It would make all of your T2 geared 50s so happy to have something else to do!

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    "minimal effort" ?!

    that sounds like the work of creating 3-4 complete raidinstances
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    A class loosing 1/4 of its DPS is certainly not a nerf

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    I am mostly in the same position as you, except I can't do raids. Being done with T2s, I'm still running them, partially because I think they're great dungeons and a lot of fun, partially to help friends "finish" their gear. I wouldn't say no to an encounter designed for a single group with a high difficulty for us to bang our heads against for a while, though.

    No, raids are not much of an option. 20-man content is too much of a commitment for me and those I play with. 4 others will understand if you suddenly have to go afk or drop early for the evening, but make that 19 others and the tone will grow sour fast; leading to those who can commit more choose to do so and form/join an actual raiding guild.

    Personally I'm hoping for T3-difficulty dungeons at some point

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    Go play a different game or pvp. That is all.

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