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Thread: Is there a T1 zone that drops epic shoulders?

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    Default Is there a T1 zone that drops epic shoulders?

    Sorry cloth epic shoulders, If so which zone is it?

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    some google foo:
    you can search http://rift.zam.com according to them there's 30 epic level 50 shoulders. http://rift.zam.com/en/itemlist.html...t1=&statval1=0

    http://rift.xanadu-community.com/items.php <-- they say where the drop is from for uploaded items.

    no epic cloth shoulder drop registered to a t1 dungeon (there is one to a t2) but there is 1 epic cloth shoulders you can buy with 30 tokens. Although that doesnt mean there arent any, there are 26 shoulder drops not registered on xanadu.

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