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Thread: Will we get River of Souls tonight even if the world event bugs again?

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    Default Will we get River of Souls tonight even if the world event bugs again?

    I have to admit that my confidence in the world event actually working this week is non existant at the moment, however I really can't say that I care much for the world event it self anyway - from what we saw last week it is several hours of tank and spank zerging with major lag unhappy guildmates chain disconnecting all day long - in fact the only cool part of the event was the major world pvp events that took part on our shard at least.

    Either way - lets imagine for a moment that we yet again spend the day doing this event only to find out that the final event still doesn't trigger propperly - will we then actually see Trion saying 'screw it' and launching the River of Souls instance anyway? This game seriously lacks raid content at the moment - GB takes less than 3 hours to clear, so some guilds could really use additional raid content right about now, regardless of whether this world event works or not that is.

    It seems stupid that Trion is withholding a Raid Instance that most likely is ready for release, just because they cannot get the lore event behind the new raid instance to work - suppose they could delay it on the RP servers if they really feel like it, but I doubt that the majority of the players who are waiting for River of Souls actually care about the world event.

    Trion can still launch the World Event again saturday after saturday untill it actually works for the people who does want to participate in the event - it just feels stupid that they are withholding raid content because of this.
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    If it is just tank and spank I will probably do it only for planarite/sourcestones.

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    I recommend buying as many 1 planarite Nico Lights as possible and using them all event long just for extra lag.. It will be mayhem.

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    the instance is open on our server. Had some bosses reset a few time, phase 3 took a while, but in the end it all worked out.

    Cleared some trash mobs in the instance, looks awesome so far

    btw, you can enter with a lower lvl as well, I can confirm that we had a lvl47 inside the instance as well. I'm not sure if this is intended.

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