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Thread: looking for a static tank Gnarlwood

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    Default looking for a static tank Gnarlwood

    Our group is looking for a static tank to run t1's and upward in the future. We usually get together 6pm-11pm EST..

    We are a laid back group that likes to have fun, our tank just never got into the game and decided to un-sub. We have vent,if interested hit me up in-game

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    Default Guild looking for more players

    Hey there we are a small guild with a few tanks and just shy over 2 full groups. We have a little too many of a couple classes but not enough of others.
    We are working our way to raid content ( 3-4 of us are into t2s) but we can definately use more players.

    Look us or me up when you are on

    Zootagh (tank)
    Guild : defenders guardian gnarlwood

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