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Thread: Deepstrike Mines - final boss doorway bug

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    Default Deepstrike Mines - final boss doorway bug

    Hi, was running DSM the other night and my group got to the final boss. A party member and myself were lagging a bit behind when my group entered the last boss' room and we got locked out. The other three members had to take on the mobs before the boss by themselves and the only way for the forcefield (that blocks people from running out) to go down was for the rest of the group to wipe. I understand that the doorway block is needed, but I don't think my group should have to kill itself so the rest of us can get into the room. Perhaps the field could be a one way block so people can get in but not back out, or perhaps it should only go up when the mobs inside of the final room are in combat and then go back down when the mobs exit. It's just a small thing but it's rather frustrating to have to deal with.

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    Doorways at bosses bug a lot. I've had several bug out before, in RotF and especially in Lantern Hook. If a boss resets due to a wipe, then aggro's a player shortly after and kills him and resets a second time, the door will stay closed. At apiarist in RotF for example, 4 players in my team died. For some reason, he reset without killing me. So I try to run out of the room. He agro's me immediately, but resets the moment I leave the room. The hedge door then closes behind me. Door is stuck, its impossible to enter unless someone soul walks and resets him. Same thing happened in Lantern Hook. Crystal dude killed 3 party members and then reset, then immediately aggro'd the other two killing them. Door is not visible, but there is an invisible barrier preventing players from going through. Happens again in another run, player uses feign death, boss resets, player gets up and dies, door is broken and won't let players out. It's a real issue, to date we've had to quit 4 instances so far to doors being bugged out.

    Seriously, if boss has no aggro, take the door down. It shouldn't be up if there's no fighting. :/

    I think you mistake the role of the door in your post though. The purpose is to prevent players from entering after the boss fight has started, to prevent people from walking back and entering the fight again.
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    Some of them are too close to the boss as well, specifically Renthar. It's only a few steps past the forcefield before you aggro him so it's very easy for people to be trapped outside if your group is a little careless.

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