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    I'm intrested in how other cleric tanks gear up. I've just started doing Tier 2 experts and it annoys me BIG time that there is no cleric tanking gear available except from the Tier 2 vendor. I've found a blue shield but that's it, i cannot find ANY other item with tank stats on it. So how did you guys gear up other then farming 1060 plaque's of achievements for just your armor alone...

    @ trion. What is the reason for not putting in tank gear for cleric? You put in the spec for it but not the gear... Either don't do it at all or do it right plz >.<

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    They added about 100 items to experts and raids patch or two ago, apparently they should increase cleric/rogue tank gear amount, which before was nonexistant. After that, i've ran maybe 2 runs (just finished my T2 set, so im now just grinding rep etc. and waiting for raids) and overall, on those 2 i've gotten 5 cleric tanky gear, whereas before i haven't seen any real tank gear, except for neck or ring.

    Now i'm going to start building my tank offspec, since i have gear drops for it, instead of wasting plagues. I already have about 60 toughness with T2 blue tank boots from DD first boss and T1 shoulders from FC, dont remember which boss

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    Go to the Zam website database, filter for cleric armor in Shoulder, chest, legs, feet, for toughness =>26 and the four pieces will show. Then google the item name and find the boss that drops them. Seems like first or second bosses in T2 instances.

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